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The 10th Sunday Ride Classic event (, will host an international Laverda meeting in which will be commemorated the 40th anniversary of the participation of the Laverda V6 at the 1978 Bol d'Or in the same circuit of
Le Castellet - France.

All Laverdists wishing to take part to this unique event must apply before

05 March 2018, using the application forms that can be downloaded below.

For the CLUBS and non-track riders there is a dedicated application form (see below).

The application forms must be sent full-filled (with all attachments requested and payment receipt) to this e-mail address:

The "Laverda Meeting" application forms will include and allow these advantages:


  • 269 € (instead of 309 €) for 5 track sessions in the whole week-end;

  • 20 € (instead of 40 €) for the full access badge which allows access to the paddock and Laverda Village;

  • 15 € (instead of 20 €) for the T-shirt of the SRC meeting;

  • access to the special Laverda parade on track on Sunday.

Those who buy a track session pass DO NOT have to buy also the full access badge.

These access badges or track session passes will give the right to access to the paddock and to the "Laverda Village" directly with yourown Laverda motorcycle (the location of  "Laverda Village" will be communicated at the entrance of the circuit).

The badges/passes can be collected at the main entrance of the circuit (south side), at the welcome center which is located in the same building as the restaurant / bakery (see Paul Ricard circuit website map)

Meeting will be from Friday 23 afternoon and to Sunday 25 March.

TO GET ACCESS TO THE TRACK YOU WILL NEED A TRACK LICENCE ISSUED BY FFM (Ferderation Francaise de Motocyclisme). This is mandatory in France for track rides, for insurance purposes.
If you don’t have one yet, you can do it directly in FFM stand at Paul Ricard Circuit.

See the document Extra Infos below for options and costs.

Camping is possible in the circuit, at the locations that will be indicated in the entrance of the circuit.

Otherwise there are 2 hotels nearby, see the Paul Ricard circuit website for booking

In the paddock there will be a guard security service day and night, but bike-locks are recommended for the night.

All Laverda Clubs will provide their own equipment for the Village (tents, tables, chairs, etc.)

A pit-box is planned for showrooming Laverda Corse racing motorcycles and all the Laverdists will be able to freely access the pit-box and pit-stands.

​A technical check is forseeen for the bikes attending the track sessions, but no noise limit is forseen.

A parade of all Laverda motorcycles is planned in the Paul Ricard track, on Sunday 25.

The V6 will be ridden on demo rides during the week-end on track.

A conference about the V6 History, held by Piero Laverda, is planned on Saturday 24 in a press-room, accessible to all Laverdists taking part to the event.

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